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S2P Data Downloads

The following files are downloaded as ZIP files and must be extracted before use
with an appropriate program.

Buried Broadband Capacitors — Surface Mount
  The BB0201 files below are 0.01-60GHz using 6.6mil Rogers 4350B
Width of trace is 13 mils. Gap width on the sutstrate is 3 mils. Data is de-embedded to the component edge.
LBB0201X103ME*5C8* Sample 1
LBB0201X103ME*5C8* Sample 2
LBB0201X103ME*5C8* Sample 3
LBB0201X103ME*5C8* Sample 4
BB0302X7R123M16VP820 (*MBB0302X123MGP5N8-)
BB0502X7R104M16V820 (*MBB0502X104MGP5N8-)
BB0502X7R104M16VP820 (*MBB0502X104MGP5N8-)
BB0603X7R154M16VP221 (*MBB0603X154MGP5N2-)
BB0805X7R154M16VP221 (*MBB0805X154MGP5N2-)
Vertical Electrode Capacitors — Wire Bondable
VB3030X7R103 (*MVB3030X103ZGH5N1-)
VL3030X7R103 (*MVL3030X103MGH5R--)
PRC Bondwire 2L S1 (*MVB4080X104ZGH5R3-)
PRC Bondwire 2L S2 (*MVB4080X104ZGH5R3-)
PRC Bondwire 2L S3 (*MVB4080X104ZGH5R3-)
PRC VB4080 GUP S1 (*MVB4080X104ZGH5R3-)
PRC VB4080 GUP S2 (*MVB4080X104ZGH5R3-)
PRC VB4080 GUP S3 (*MVB4080X104ZGH5R3-)
PRC VB4080 SUP S1 (*MVB4080X104ZGH5R3-)
PRC VB4080 SUP S2 (*MVB4080X104ZGH5R3-)
PRC VB4080 SUP S3 (*MVB4080X104ZGH5R3-)

* Design-In Code




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